I Shall Not Want

October 22, 2017

Pastor Joshua King examines the 23rd Psalm, how the Lord our shepherd guides, provides and protects his sheep.


Right Responses to Wrongdoings Pt 2

October 15, 2017

Pastor Ron Miller on how suffering and trials develop our character, reveal our purpose, and equip us to be a light in a dark world.


Joy in the House

October 8, 2017

Pastor Charles Pettis - "Joy in the House"


Right Responses to Wrongdoing

October 1, 2017

In a world of increasing social conflict, Pastor Ron speaks of the Bible's teaching of love and reconciliation. As children of God, we are to share the love of Jesus in our relationships and, especially, how we handle conflicts with others.


Special Guest Kris Dillard

September 24, 2017

Special guest Kris Dillard delivers a powerful message of the power of our faith in Jesus Christ.


Sent Into the Storm

September 17, 2017

Pastor Ron Miller examines why Jesus sent His disciples into storms and how that speaks to why God takes us through the storms of life.


The Fear of Really Loving People, Pt 2

September 3, 2017

Pastor Ron Miller shares how Jesus commanded us to love God and our neighbors and to pray for our enemies.  We, as the church, have a ministry of reconciliation.


Preparing for God’s Call

August 27, 2017

Pastor Charles Pettis explains that David was prepared when God called him to fight the giant, and we should be prepared when God calls us.


The Fear of Really Loving People

August 20, 2017

Pastor Ron Miller continues his series The Fears That Rob Us of Our Courage with The Fear of Really Loving People.  As the events in Charlottesville shine a spotlight on racial divisions, the Bible teaches us as Christ-followers how to respond to our brothers and sisters in love, with a spirit of reconciliation.


Dwelling in the Secret Place

August 13, 2017

Pastor Charles Pettis on how we can rely on God to lead us to right choices.